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Drone Real Estate Photography

In today’s housing market, it’s essential to have the best imagery to share with future homeowners. Capture your stunning properties with our cost-effective aerial imagery.

Nowadays, Real estate drone services have upgraded the traditional and expensive aerial photography approaches used by helicopters and planes and made them more user-friendly.

The use of drones for real estate photography has also prompted brokers to reduce costs, improve quality, and give emphasis on reflecting creativity to clients.

From producing cutting-edge virtual tours, 360-degree panoramas, and capturing stunning images, Long Island’s drone real estate photography services can make all of that possible.

Long Island Real Estate Drone Photography Services

Drones of Long Island’s real estate photography services can be advantageous for both residential and commercial properties.

Here’s why real estate agents now utilize drone footage to manage properties and projects and maximize sales more efficiently.


It Adds Value to Property Listings

  • Show the town. Let the potential property buyers see the view of the areas of interest and local area to show the local lifestyle.
  • Highlight the benefits and perks in the neighborhood, such as nearby commuter routes, shopping, schools, and parks.
  • Show the property’s interior flow. Drones can generate very real-to-life virtual tours, which mimic the experience of visiting the place in person.
  • Showcase distinct exterior and interior features of the house, like tennis courts or pools, architectural facades, etc. using the capabilities of a high-resolution camera.
  • Capture far-reaching sky views. Drones are capable of capturing amazing aerial views of properties of all sizes, which set them apart from others.


Aerial photography reduces time and costs while facilitating the selection, construction, and management of properties in commercial real estate development and property management.

Using a network of drone pilots across the country, Long Island’s drone real estate photography services can be dispatched anywhere in the country to take expert aerial pictures and videos of commercial properties like hotels, business parks, malls, and golf courses. 

Simplify Property Management

  • Guarantee HOA Compliance. With drone photography, you can cover large grounds and common areas easily to keep property rules or HOA policies in force. This can simplify state and city regulatory compliance. Capture the required documentation to show performance.
  • Maintain and inspect more efficiently. For most inspections, drone inspections are safer and footage from drones can be repeatedly rerun to pinpoint small differences easily before they turn into expensive and large repairs.
  • Faster filling open units. It’s easy to attract tenants for open units when potential tenants can immediately review and check detailed aerial photography of the property’s exteriors and interiors.

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