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Drone Real Estate Videography

In today’s housing market, it’s essential to have the best video to share with future homeowners. Capture your stunning properties with our cost-effective aerial videos.

Did you know that advertising for real estate that includes drone videos and photos generates 403% more inquiries than those who don’t? If you’re one of those real estate agents who tries to penetrate a market, the best drone real estate videography can really help. To produce high-end marketing materials online, you need videos that can attract all types of buyers and display your property in the best detail.

Why Choose Drones of Long Island for Your Real Estate Videography?

More than anything else, high-quality images usually gain significant property listing engagements. Our company is a full-service provider that assists realtors to produce the best marketing visuals for their properties. Our team is dedicated to creating high-quality 4k aerial videos and pictures of any property. With the help of our knowledgeable photographers, advanced and updated camera tools, and post-processing tools, we distribute high-quality photo packages that you can make all types of marketing materials with.

With more than 10 years of combined experience, our team can collaborate with residential and commercial real estate properties. Our professional drone videographers know how to make the ideal lighting, highlight important property features, and find the best angles for any picture and output.

Residential Drone Videography

Before you start marketing, every property will need a bit of work. Why don’t you let our skilled real estate videographers make your dream come true? Our team is devoted to assisting realtors with marketing their property listings in the best way we can. Our goal is to make you stand out among others with ultra-HD drone footage that will highlight your property.

Moreover, we utilize wide-angle drone cameras, speedlights, and wireless controllers that snap that can simply capture every aerial video or photo you need to market your home successfully. Do you need to show your high ceilings? Do you have a lot of acreage on your property? If that’s the case, we can utilize drones to showcase every inch and part of your property and let them see all its greatest features.

Commercial Drone Videography

Even if you may be tempted to utilize descriptions without pictures for office real estate, your listing can go a long way to get a lot of traffic with high-definition photographs that showcase the property’s details and features. From an interior walk-through that shows your office area to aerial pictures of the entire building, our team wants to guarantee that your prospective leads can visualize and see all of the best features of your property that make it worth checking in person.

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