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Drone Wedding Videography

Breathtaking panoramas that can’t be photographed from the ground can without a doubt be captured by drones. Especially at weddings, where couples usually want to highlight one of the most significant days of their lives in a unique and meaningful way. Because of that, Long Island’s drone wedding videography service is perfectly suited for the occasion.

Use Drone Videography as an Addition to Traditional Video

You don’t want a drone to replace a regular filmmaker and photographer on the ground, no matter how amazing or entertaining having drone footage may be. Even an experienced drone operator can only be able to approach your guests so closely only at specific times. Since drones also have a very short flying duration, it’s important to make the most of it. Fortunately, our drone operators have keen eyes and can maximize the shots in drones to highlight the best parts of your wedding in a limited time. 

Get The Most Out of Your Drone Footage

If you’re going to invest more money in a drone, you want to be sure to make the most of it. Along with capturing stunning images of a spectacular setting, you may include your guests in the fun. You can have them stage a humorous scene by having everyone sprint across a field or form a heart shape around the newlyweds. They can even form a line to spell out words and be captured by Long Island’s drone handlers. 

Remember that setting up drone footage takes much longer than it does for traditional footage, so be sure to provide enough time for any suggestions you may have. Not only must you arrange for every visitor to be in place, but the photographer also needs to set up their camera and other equipment precisely to capture the ideal image in the current lighting and weather circumstances. Our wedding drone photographers can properly do that and make sure to get the best shots on your special day. 

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